Android User Interface Development

android user interface developmentEBook Android User Interface Development

Quickly design and develop compelling user interface for yout Android application








  • Design user-friendly interfaces that support quick and easy access to information
  • Explore and implement multiple layouts in Android to design user interfaces for the different screen sizes and densities
  • Ensure a consistent user-interface experience and improve your application performance by reusing your application components
  • Design easy-on-the-eye themes for your Android applications
  • Display and select complex data structures from applications such as an address-book or calendar application by using Android widgets
  • Entertain your application users by animating visual queues of what the application is currently doing, and what effect their actions are having
  • Customize the built-in classes in Android to enhance the user interface by creating tabs and galleries
  • Leverage Android’s resource loading system
  • Learn how best to present your user with information; or capture information from them
  • Work through examples featuring all major Android widgets, and some of the more unusual components


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