Mastering Android Application Development

EBook Mastering Android Application DevelopmentEBook Mastering Android Application Development

Take your Android knowledge to the next level with this advanced Android application guide which shows you how to make event Android apps that users will love.

This EBook was written by : Antonio Pachon Ruiz





  • Create an Android project with Android M features
  • Design the basic navigation for our app using the UI components
  • Set up a cloud-based platform and store data on it
  • Implement programming patterns such as Singleton and Observer to maintain your project code for future use
  • Display lists and grids using Android RecyclerView
  • Implement user interface components and make your app look professional
  • Handle, download, and store images along with memory management
  • Create the database and content providers to perform read-write operations
  • Add notifications to the app and analytics to track the user’s usage
  • Show a Google map view on your app
  • Configure minify to obfuscate the code
  • Add adverts and create products for purchase in your app


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