Biodiversity and What We Face Now

Biodiversity represents all things that live on earth, which mean anything that has a biological process, such as growth, reproduction, and functional activity. This includes humans, plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and so on. Biodiversity is the foundation of life on earth.

Realize it or not those living things are closely related and need each other. In short, all of those living things has been supporting our life, from breathing and eating. It is important to keep in mind that the more biodiverse the more secure the life on earth.

“Without biodiversity, there is no future for humanity,”

– Professor David Macdonald, at Oxford.

Some places like Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and Madagascar are the most ideal environment for plants or animals to live as those places have ecosystems that host the most biodiversity. The most obvious importance of biodiversity is how we need plants to breathe, without plants, there will be no oxygen. Another example that influences the production of our food is that we need bees to pollinate, without bees to pollinate there would be no fruit or nuts. Coral reefs and mangrove swamp are also providing invaluable protection from cyclones and tsunami.

The Grass in the pastures feeds cattle. Cattle then produce manure that returns nutrition to the soil, which helps to grow more grasses

The number of living things on earth is enormous, even only one-third of them has been recorded. Sadly, many of them had already gone extinct before we know it. Biodiversity has been in jeopardy due to human activities and consumption. Some ecosystems have even been destroyed. An example of human’s activity that causes such damage is clearing lands to expand farming and also cutting down trees. To some extend, human activity is also causing other problems such as climate heating, rising sea level and cooling which then lead to extinction. So if we can see any small damages (caused by our actions) which will be accumulating to one bigger problem at some point, we should be able to be more aware of how dangerous it is the kind of activity that we are doing.




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