A big role played by CO2

We all know that the earth is getting warmer, but why we blamed CO2 as the reason?

The atmosphere is one of the reasons the earth is habitable. That because it has a role to protect us from the sun radiation and also keep our planet warm. Unlike earth, the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, thus, make the moon’s temperature ranging from minus 173 C up to 127 C. When the radiation hit the earth surface, it bounces up to the atmosphere then back again to the surface then back again to the atmosphere, and so on. This process happened for several times until it escapes from our atmosphere.

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You kill more animal and accelerating climate change if you keep using plastic

Plastic, for its convenience and cheap, we can find any type of plastics at almost everywhere. Many industries and businesses choose plastic for packaging and any other benefit. The production of plastic still increasing until today. This is ironic given the damages that it can cause to our environment. I will talk more about that later.

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Why Airy Indonesia Failed?

Airy is Indonesia startup, was founded at the end of 2015. Started as VHO (Virtual Hotel Operator), which a business model also adapted by OYO, then 2 years later Airy joined as a player of OTA business. 

Airy known as a budget hotel, starting from 150,000 rupiah you can get a good quality hotel. Airy’s growth was quite good actually, but when the pandemic hits, they are collapsed. Many other businesses are suffering from the pandemic, but why Airy failed yet other businesses similar to them still survive?

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Why you should be Wiser in term of plastic use

Plastic is like every where in our daily life. And we use it every day, it’s cheap in can be useful in any need. We might use plastic for carrying thing, or maybe our cloth is made of recyclable plastic, or perhaps the smartphone case that we use is also made from it. The point is, plastic has been very useful in our daily basis.

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How is to write actually?

Today I really want to start writing something. Something that my be could be useful. I don’t really expect that much, I just want to practice my english while writing. I do start a lot of things about english, yet I rarely practicing it. My be I’ll make a lot of mistake in this learning journey, but yea.. every big people start from fail. So might be some day, when I read my writing, I’ll be laughing knowing how bad I was in the past.

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