How is to write actually?

Today I really want to start writing something. Something that my be could be useful. I don’t really expect that much, I just want to practice my english while writing. I do start a lot of things about english, yet I rarely practicing it. My be I’ll make a lot of mistake in this learning journey, but yea.. every big people start from fail. So might be some day, when I read my writing, I’ll be laughing knowing how bad I was in the past.

TOEFL or IELTS both has writing test in part of it’s question. So I though it would be useful if I start often writing. I still collecting some ideas about what should I write. One that is obvious, I don’t have any particular theme in my writing. I’ll just write what the f*k I want.

Wow I would say, I just learn so much from this writing. Some of the words that I write turns out less correct. Fortunately, this amazing WordPress editor, has it’s own build incorrect word, so that I can look for the correct one on Google Search. Yeah, thanks both for WordPress and Google Search, you made my life a lot easier.

My be I will not say too much, oups I mean write. Because this time, I have no idea to talk about, every topics thats occur in my mind, seem to be boring. I’ll looking for the interesting topic to talk about.




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