Why you should be Wiser in term of plastic use

Plastic is like every where in our daily life. And we use it every day, it’s cheap in can be useful in any need. We might use plastic for carrying thing, or maybe our cloth is made of recyclable plastic, or perhaps the smartphone case that we use is also made from it. The point is, plastic has been very useful in our daily basis.

From all we know, plastic is good, but why we should be wiser?. Alright, let’s break it down from the beginning. Plastic is made of fossil fuel. What is fossil fuel? it’s basically fuel formed by natural process. There is many kind of it. And transforming fossil fuel into plastic consuming a lot of energy. And it’s danger, we might run out of energy if there is a bunch of industry burning fossil fuel out of control. And it’s also produces large quantities of carbon dioxide when burning it,

Plastic start produced in 1950, and now there are about 4,9 billion tonnes plastic waste, it’s all not recycled. Most of our plastic end up in landfill or ocean. Not so many of them are recycled. Many industry choose to create new plastic instead of recycle waste plastic into another plastic. And it’s because of the cost.

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